Scotts Fertilizers

Scotts Fertilizers or Scotts Lawn Fertilizers products are known for quality throughout Michigan.

For years, homeowners and turf management pros have trusted their lawns fertilization to the Scotts fertilizers. Ask anyone about fertilizers and the majority of people automatically think about Scotts fertilizers. We, just like you trust the brand used by more people than any other brand of fertilizer for our lawns.

Scotts fertilizers is manufactured to meet the needs of your lawn. It helps to keep it green and to stay green while also controlling some of the most common weeds. Scotts fertilizers are generally applied four times per growing season with each application being specific to the time of year it is applied. By using Scotts fertilizers on your lawn and taking a few other steps necessary, such as proper lawn irrigation and regular mowing to help maintain a healthy lawn, your home can be the envy of the neighborhood.

We have used Scotts fertilizers or Scotts Lawn Fertilizers for many years and are extremely satisfied with the results that the Scotts fertilizers have produced for us. We recommend the use of Scotts fertilizers for your lawn too.

In addition to Scotts fertilizers, the Scotts company also produces many other products to help you have a lawn or garden that stands out. Although we have not used all of Scotts products, each that we have tried, such as grass seed, has produced exceptional results for us. Try Scotts fertilized if you have not in the past. We think that after one growing season of having a lawn you are proud of, that you too will recommend Scotts fertilizers to anyone that asks you about fertilizer and how your lawn became so great.

If you are interested in having Scotts Fertilizer products used on your Michigan property call Metro Automated Sprinklers today at 248-473-7485 or 734-844-2494